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Must Know Things for Plus Size Women

Must Know Things for Plus Size WomenAre you a size 14 or even more? Does your weighing machine feel like it is stuck up at a particular number? Do those skinny models on the ramp or on the magazine covers make you red and redder with jealousy? Want to look sexy and gorgeous with that plus figure? Not a problem anymore. Twenty first century with itself brought some exhilarating trends in the plus size fashion industry. At last, the wait is over with many fashion designers coming up with clothing lines just for plus size women. Now you can breathe a sigh of relief.

The key to plus size dressing is to know your exact size and shape. Size could be from a 12-32. Shape can be an hour glass, diamond, square, rectangle, triangle and many more.


Avoid wearing square jackets to office or anywhere. That will make your torso look smaller and heavier. Wear jackets that go just below waist and not lower than that. Skirts should not be too short. Just knee length or just below the knee will give that perfect professional look. Trousers as we have already discussed have to be very long just touching the floor. Experiment with color to give that extra zing to your professional look.


A knee length single colored one piece will make you look dressed apt for the occasion. Avoid an off shoulder or single shouldered dress. If you want to grab attention then wear some striking colors like pink or green or purple. You can also wear plain trousers with a stylish or funky top. If you have better curves then you can also experiment with patterns.

Wedding gowns:

Every girl wants to look like a princess on her wedding day. There are many designers, who design wedding gowns for plus sized women. If you cannot afford a designer dress, then buy a dress from any boutique and get it altered from a tailor. The tailor will know where exactly the alterations should be done and could be done. Avoid tee length because that will not make you look longer. Long and flowing gowns are always the best buy for a plus sized bride. Also, avoid the frock look because that will make you look stout. If you have broad shoulders or arms, try not to wear the off shoulder gowns. Wear some jacket made of lace or some translucent fabric.

Now that you know how to hide those pounds behind your perfectly chosen outfits, go ahead and dress to kill…Never forget that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. As long as you see a beautiful person in your mirror, in your parents’ eyes, in your lover’s eyes, no need to worry about the world and what the media portrays as beauty. Just be beautiful from the heart and it will show on your face no matter what your size or shape is…because the most beautiful accessory to look gorgeous is that divine and satisfied smile which runs from the eyes to the lips of one person to the heart of the other.