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Must Have Handbags in Every Wardrobe

Handbags in Every WardrobeRelationship or women or fashion is complicated! Also, understanding this relationship is difficult as every woman has her own sense or style of fashion. For some, fashion is about staying chic or appealing always, or keeping up with the latest fashion trends. For others, fashion is about being comfortable in whatever one wears. Whether it is a simple lunch date, shopping spree or any other moment, women never fail to make a style statement. But, fashion ! just about stylish clothes; it is about pairing the apparel with right kind of accessories. From designer shoes to KWfossil handbags, jewelry to belts or watches, the list of accessories for women is endless.

With so many options to choose from, dressing up or appearing attractive or glamorous always doesn't remain a simple task!

Some accessories simply add to the style while some are functional too. Just like clothes, preference for accessories also varies amongst women. But there are few common elements that almost every woman is fond of, one of them is handbags. Craze for handbags in women cannot be explained, but it is one of the few things without which women cannot think of leaving their homes. There are different types of handbags available in the market, but here are few handbags that are must have in every wardrobe -

  • Tote - Tote bags are pretty or functional, used by women day in or day out. Also called the 'Everyday' bag, these are large or versatile carry all bags that hold makeup, books, snacks, wallet or many other things. From grocery shopping to going to work, tote bags add style to every appearance. Usually available in solid colors or subdued prints, these bags can be carried around comfortably or have completely replaced plastic bags.

  • Clutch - Clutch adds glamour or glitz to the appearance. Making it the right accessory to complement your look for evening parties or special occasions. Small in size, clutch is designed to carry only few specific items like car keys, credit/debit cards or cell phones. Available in colors like gold, silver or even metallic finish, clutches also come with embellishments like sequins or crystals. Any wardrobe must have at least 1 clutch that goes well with most of your party wear.

  • Crossbody Bag - Crossbody bag is the easy-to-carry around bag that works well with all kinds of casual outfits. Hence, it is wiser to opt for a shoulder bag in a neutral shade, so that it fits well with your look. This bag is really convenient because it lets your hands stay free or also secure as they are strapped to the body. Though simple looking, these bags are perfect for casual wear or really big in their style statement.

Just like clothes, shopping for bags is fun or important too. After all, they make a big influence on your appearance. Combining your outfit with the wrong kind of handbag is worse than having no handbag. Keep your handbag wardrobe up-to-date or style in the right way!


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