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Fashion accessories actually play a vital role in making one look fashionable or stylish! After all, if you want to make a statement, you need to be dressed in the right style or no attire is complete without complimenting accessories. Sometimes, accessories tend to be more important than clothes, as the whole look of the dress you're wearing would turn out to be a downfall if you don't have the right accessories to go with it. From Michael Hill Catalogue to online stores, accessory shopping is really exciting with the endless options available.

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Must Have Handbags in Every Wardrobe /must-haves-for-women/must-have-handbags-in-every-wardrobe.html /must-haves-for-women/must-have-handbags-in-every-wardrobe.html Handbags in Every WardrobeRelationship or women or fashion is complicated! Also, understanding this relationship is difficult as every woman has her own sense or style of fashion. For some, fashion is about staying chic or appealing always, or keeping up with the latest fashion trends. For others, fashion is about being comfortable in whatever one wears. Whether it is a simple lunch date, shopping spree or any other moment, women never fail to make a style statement. But, fashion ! just about stylish clothes; it is about pairing the apparel with right kind of accessories. From designer shoes to KWfossil handbags, jewelry to belts or watches, the list of accessories for women is endless.

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Must Know Things for Plus Size Women /must-haves-for-women/must-know-things-for-plus-size-women.html /must-haves-for-women/must-know-things-for-plus-size-women.html Must Know Things for Plus Size WomenAre you a size 14 or even more? Does your weighing machine feel like it is stuck up at a particular number? Do those skinny models on the ramp or on the magazine covers make you red and redder with jealousy? Want to look sexy and gorgeous with that plus figure? Not a problem anymore. Twenty first century with itself brought some exhilarating trends in the plus size fashion industry. At last, the wait is over with many fashion designers coming up with clothing lines just for plus size women. Now you can breathe a sigh of relief.

The key to plus size dressing is to know your exact size and shape. Size could be from a 12-32. Shape can be an hour glass, diamond, square, rectangle, triangle and many more.


Avoid wearing square jackets to office or anywhere. That will make your torso look smaller and heavier. Wear jackets that go just below waist and not lower than that. Skirts should not be too short. Just knee length or just below the knee will give that perfect professional look. Trousers as we have already discussed have to be very long just touching the floor. Experiment with color to give that extra zing to your professional look.

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Essentials for Looking Chic Even While Traveling /must-haves-for-women/essentials-for-looking-chic-even-while-traveling.html /must-haves-for-women/essentials-for-looking-chic-even-while-traveling.html Essentials for Looking Chic Even While TravelingTraveling can drain out so much of your energy. If you are a fashionable girl, then traveling is going to be a lot of work. Looking stylish before travel, during travel and after travel can be very much exciting for you.

For a Vacation:

Do keep in mind what part the world you are heading towards and do keep their cultural values in mind while packing your luggage. Looking stylish doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to wear a body hugging or exposing clothes. Do a beforehand research about the culture of the place you will be visiting. Your next priority should be looking good feeling comfortable during the travel. If you are going on a vacation then you can wear shorts or a pair of jeans and a tee. Don’t forget to carry a tote bag as it will save the pain of moving around carrying your luggage bag. If you are heading for a beach do remember to take a cover up. You will not want foreign eyes checking you out. If you are going for winters put those warming clothes in your luggage. Be stylish while choosing the clothes you will be wearing. Don’t just pick up anything. While traveling comfort will be important but once you are out there just flaunt your charisma. Carry your sunglasses and scarves. They will not only protect you from the sweltering sun but also make you look gorgeous. Take some make-up with you to look gorgeous. Also, remember to collect some regional particulars like clothes or jewelry.]]> (Administrator) Must haves for Women Fri, 27 Jan 2012 08:54:51 +0000 Must Haves in Your Handbag /must-haves-for-women/must-haves-in-your-handbag.html /must-haves-for-women/must-haves-in-your-handbag.html Must Haves in Your HandbagHave you seen ‘Devil wears Prada’? If you have, then you couldn’t have helped noticing the purses or handbags that Miranda Persley (our very own beloved Meryl Streep) carries everyday to her fashion magazine’s office. She carries a different one every day and each being a style statement or icon in itself. Handbags are literally powerhouse style statements. Be it a tote or a chic clutch, they can add oodles to your charisma and persona. Handbags are also a den for women’s secret weapons. Right from make-up to accessories, everything is important for a girl. So, here is a list of the must have items in your handbag -

1. Cellphone: It is important because you might need to contact anyone anytime. You can never imagine what kind of a crisis you can get into. Your well-wisher or friend will just be a call away.

2. Make-up: You never know when you will have to face that guy or go that party which you always eyed for. It would be handy to carry some make up. Do remember to carry a lipstick, a face powder and may be mascara. Don’t forget a concealer as that helps to hide those dark spots on your face. And also a mirror.

3. Tissues: Tissues are always useful for a girl. Girls need them for wiping off the slightest drop of sweat, on their face or neck. They also help a lot in looking gorgeous even while eating at a restaurant.]]> (Administrator) Must haves for Women Fri, 27 Jan 2012 08:49:41 +0000 Must Have For Completing Your Wedding Look – To Be a Flawless Bride /must-haves-for-women/must-have-for-completing-your-wedding-look-to-be-a-flawless-bride.html /must-haves-for-women/must-have-for-completing-your-wedding-look-to-be-a-flawless-bride.html In your Wedding AttireWe have seen millions of movies, we have read thousands books.We will find so many of these mentioning a young girl her fantasies for her wedding day.

Looking dazzling on your wedding day is every girl’s utmost dream which she wishes will turn to reality and on that day she will see the most gorgeous woman in her groom’s eyes on the altar. Be it a girl who wishes for a simple wedding or be it a girl who wants to look like a princess, every girl wants to look a stunning bride.

There are many things which come into picture when you want a complete bridal look.

1. Wedding Dress: A Vera Wang or a Vivienne Westwood wedding dress will make a girl cry just by the look of it. Wedding dresses have millions of emotions attached to them. They can make a bride cry, her parents happy and the groom weak in his knees.

2. Veil and Tiara: Veils are just magical. You get glimpses of the bride through a veil and when it is lifted you see the beautiful bride waiting to taken by her soul mate. A perfect veil can add significance to your wedding dress. Don’t forget the tiara. If nothing else can then the tiara, for sure, will make you feel special like a princess.]]> (Administrator) Must haves for Women Fri, 27 Jan 2012 08:52:53 +0000 Must Haves in Your Shoe Rack /must-haves-for-women/must-haves-in-your-shoe-rack.html /must-haves-for-women/must-haves-in-your-shoe-rack.html Must Haves in Your Shoe RackFootwear choices are very much individualistic to every woman. We can understand a girl’s attitude by the type of shoe she is wearing. If she is feeling special and gorgeous, she will glide into stilettos and if she is feeling down or like doing nothing, she will roam around in flip flops or slippers. Whatever she may choose, she can always manage to look in style in any pair of footwear. There are five things without which your shoe collection can never be complete -

1. Stilettos: They are utmost important. They are individual style statements. They look gorgeous with a formal office wear and also with a stunning gown. Even with a pair of denim stilettos can grab the eye of any on looker.

2. Sports shoes: Sports shoes are not just for sports. Because they are comfortable while walking you can wear them to college with a pair of jeans and also to the gym. But they are big no-no for a formal party.

3. Floaters: They are the most comfortable type of footwear ever invented. They are perfect for the casual look. Team it up with a knee length casual dress or jeans or shorts, you will feel very relaxed. They are best for traveling.]]> (Administrator) Must haves for Women Fri, 27 Jan 2012 08:59:04 +0000