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Jennifer Aniston – From a Next Door Friend to a Style Diva

Jennifer AnistonJennifer Aniston was born to a Greek father and an Irish mother. She did not have any of the adoring Greek features. She was just a normal girl, who was pretty and had a cute and chubby face. Her nose is still ridiculed about in the media.

She had swelling cheeks and weary hair. This was nowhere near to what Rachael Green looked like in the last season.

Jennifer’s evolution as a style icon was evident through the ten years of the sitcom Friends. In the first season, she did carry that cute girl chubby face look. With every season of Friends, her fat was getting reduced and style was getting upgraded. She was, no doubt, the most stylish of all the Friends. It was also important for the character but she managed to do perfect justice to her character. More than her clothing styles what caught people’s eye was her hair. She carried a different hairstyle every season, each more appreciated than the previous. Her hairstyles were trend-setting during the ten years of the sitcom. More than half of the American women would emulate her hairstyle.

After the final season was done, she had a bitter divorce with her husband for five years, Brad Pitt. Post divorce, Jennifer modified her style and became more minimalistic and chic. She never overdoes her clothes or make-up. Her wardrobe consists of knee length party or function dresses. Even the jewelry she chooses is very intricate and detailed. She has done movie roles around the same fashion sensibility. She has always portrayed girl next door kind of roles in movies like Bruce Almighty and Along Came Polly.

Jennifer Aniston’s figure is also praised across America. She maintains the perfect body with continuous exercise, yoga and healthy diets.