Makeovers Joomla! - the dynamic portal engine and content management system /makeovers/ Sat, 04 Jan 2014 00:16:31 +0000 Joomla! 1.5 - Open Source Content Management en-gb Demi Moore – Growing Up With an Inferiority Complex and Aging in Style /makeovers/demi-moore-growing-up-with-an-inferiority-complex-and-aging-in-style.html /makeovers/demi-moore-growing-up-with-an-inferiority-complex-and-aging-in-style.html Demi MooreWhen people saw her doing pottery with Patrick Swayze in Ghost, they found a new sumptuous beauty and had gone bananas over her.

But no one would have ever been able to witness this gorgeous face and body if her plans during her teen days would have been successful. In her college years, Demi had planned to commit suicide. She was so engulfed into inferiority complex and unhappiness. She had very small nose and very thin lips and there was no sign of either sensuality or style. She was many a times the subject to everyone’s ridicule. She used to dress up like boys. She had a very low self image.

She had a disturbed childhood which did not help her in gaining anymore confidence and making her even more demure. Her birth father left her family when she was just three years of age. Later her mother married a man who did not prove to be any better father. Her mother and step father used to get drunk and have fights all the time. She was a troubled child.

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Jennifer Aniston – From a Next Door Friend to a Style Diva /makeovers/jennifer-aniston-from-a-next-door-friend-to-a-style-diva.html /makeovers/jennifer-aniston-from-a-next-door-friend-to-a-style-diva.html Jennifer AnistonJennifer Aniston was born to a Greek father and an Irish mother. She did not have any of the adoring Greek features. She was just a normal girl, who was pretty and had a cute and chubby face. Her nose is still ridiculed about in the media.

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Beyonce Knowles – The Fashion Makeover /makeovers/beyonce-knowles-the-fashion-makeover.html /makeovers/beyonce-knowles-the-fashion-makeover.html Beyonce KnowlesBeyonce was a typical African American with long curly locks and a charming smile. She even carried the braided hairstyle for a long time. She was thin but no way close to what she is now. People can kill to get a body like her. She always maintains that she was a tomboy and never even tried to be feminine. She never carried a purse and she never wore a feminine dress.

Her grandmother was a seamstress and because of this Beyonce always had a fashion sense. She did not manage to do well then. But after she decided to become a singer she completely transformed herself. When she was a part of Destiny’s Child her fashion sense evolved and after being solo she metamorphosed into a sex symbol. She has the perfect curves. She has a scintillating voice. When she moves on her numbers people go berserk.

In the childhood years, she always dressed like boys. She hardly ever wore any feminine clothes or accessories. She was comfortable in a pair of baggy jeans and big t-shirts. Bach then she did not even have those divine curves which she flaunts now. When she started aspiring to become a singer she used to watch videos of Tina Turner and the likes. It was then, when she decided that she needed to be more feminine in her style. Everyone now sees what an epitome of feminism and grace she is.]]> (Administrator) Makeovers Fri, 27 Jan 2012 07:45:41 +0000 George Clooney – The Perfect Package of Flamboyance and Flair /makeovers/george-clooney-the-perfect-package-of-flamboyance-and-flair.html /makeovers/george-clooney-the-perfect-package-of-flamboyance-and-flair.html George Clooney George Clooney has one of the most unexpectedly geeky school album pictures. Looking at that photo, no one would ever believe that this boy could be the one to win the title of ‘The Sexiest Man Alive’, twice. His was a very gradual and slow transformation from boy next door to the most desirable man.

In his school album photo, he looks like a boy who has messed up everything about looking good. He is wearing specs and has a bob hair cut. Later he started having long hair during school. That was may be start his fashion sense development. His father was in TV so for him it was the best option for a career. He started doing television.

During the eighties and early nineties he tried mullets and long manes. He carried a very boyish look wearing jeans, t-shirt and a jacket. He hadn’t yet tasted success. Then came along the legendary series ER that changed his image forever and for good. He got a much chiseled look. His clothes were a better fit. He had the urbane style Caesar haircut. He sportingly shows of the gray in his hair. From then on he always carried the no-nonsense man look. He always adorns a black suit and matches it up with either black or white shirt. His wardrobe has very few colors other than black.]]> (Administrator) Makeovers Fri, 27 Jan 2012 07:43:50 +0000