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Demi Moore – Growing Up With an Inferiority Complex and Aging in Style

Demi MooreWhen people saw her doing pottery with Patrick Swayze in Ghost, they found a new sumptuous beauty and had gone bananas over her.

But no one would have ever been able to witness this gorgeous face and body if her plans during her teen days would have been successful. In her college years, Demi had planned to commit suicide. She was so engulfed into inferiority complex and unhappiness. She had very small nose and very thin lips and there was no sign of either sensuality or style. She was many a times the subject to everyone’s ridicule. She used to dress up like boys. She had a very low self image.

She had a disturbed childhood which did not help her in gaining anymore confidence and making her even more demure. Her birth father left her family when she was just three years of age. Later her mother married a man who did not prove to be any better father. Her mother and step father used to get drunk and have fights all the time. She was a troubled child.

When they shifted to Los Angeles, Demi found new hope. She started working on her self image. Then she started to enhance her body. She was lucky to have many influential people as her school friends. After getting into shape and developing her self esteem she joined a modeling school. Her movie career took off when she was 20 years of age.

During the early 80s, she used to dress up like any other teenager. Then she transformed into a geek style look. Late 80s and early 90s saw the chic side of Demi’s wardrobe. She got her head shaved off for her role in G. I. Joe. She was one of the few well accepted bald female. Ever since then, she has maintained a vey stylized look. One could not see much of Demi on screen, except for Charlie’s Angels where she blazed the screen when she walks out of the sea to the beach in the bikini after surfing.

People do get a glimpse of her with her family. She does attend many functions and parties and dazzles the red carpet, even now.