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Beyonce Knowles – The Fashion Makeover

Beyonce KnowlesBeyonce was a typical African American with long curly locks and a charming smile. She even carried the braided hairstyle for a long time. She was thin but no way close to what she is now. People can kill to get a body like her. She always maintains that she was a tomboy and never even tried to be feminine. She never carried a purse and she never wore a feminine dress.

Her grandmother was a seamstress and because of this Beyonce always had a fashion sense. She did not manage to do well then. But after she decided to become a singer she completely transformed herself. When she was a part of Destiny’s Child her fashion sense evolved and after being solo she metamorphosed into a sex symbol. She has the perfect curves. She has a scintillating voice. When she moves on her numbers people go berserk.

In the childhood years, she always dressed like boys. She hardly ever wore any feminine clothes or accessories. She was comfortable in a pair of baggy jeans and big t-shirts. Bach then she did not even have those divine curves which she flaunts now. When she started aspiring to become a singer she used to watch videos of Tina Turner and the likes. It was then, when she decided that she needed to be more feminine in her style. Everyone now sees what an epitome of feminism and grace she is.

When she is off the camera she still moves around in style. If she is wearing jeans she will make it a point to wear stilettos. Even on vacations she maintains her style icon status. She steals the show on every red carpet entree of hers. She has adorned all the top notch fashion designers. She always experiments with her hair. Sometimes its straight, sometimes curly, sometimes wildly curly and sometimes even crazy messed up style. She likes huge dangling yearnings and uses minimum jewellery on other parts. She can carry off anything like it has been made especially for her.

Beyonce is a perfect example of a 180º turn of fashion and style sense. She has successfully metamorphosed from a tomboy to a sultry and stylish icon.


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