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Gucci – Fashion and Leather Goods Label

GucciGucci Company became one of the most successful manufacturers of the clothing, leather goods and various other fashion products. Guccio Gucci, the founder of Gucci Company, while working in exclusive hotels in Paris and then London, was impressed by the luxurious luggage the guests bring with them. Returning back to his birthplace of Florence, a city which is well-known for skilled artisans and good quality materials, he opened a shop in 1920 and sold fine leather goods.

Although it was a shop, Gucci quickly became well-known for quality products, hiring the skilled craftsmen to work in his shop. Then, he opened a boutique in Rome in 1938. He was responsible for designing many of the popular products of the company. In 1947, he designed the bamboo handle handbag, the main product of the company.

Gucci had six children in all, but only his sons – Aldo, Rodolfo, Ugo and Vasco would play a role in handling the company. After the death of Guccio in 1953, Aldo placed the company to a position of international prominence by opening the boutiques in New York, Paris and London. However, disputes regarding day-to-day operations of the stores, and stock holdings often divided the family.

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