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Madonna – The Music Icon with the Perfect Flair for Fashion and Style

MadonnaMadonna is a woman who has seen more than fifty summers and a musical career of nearly thirty years. Believe it or not, she can give pretty girl from any corner of the world, the run for money and sex appeal. Madonna has always been the person who would speak her heart. She has always maintained that she doesn’t care if people call her a bitch, but she will never fake it. She will say what she feels is right.

This same attitude can also be seen in her music and fashion sense. In spite of being more than fifty she never dresses like one. She has always been the one who has created newer trends and she still continues to do so. She had once said that she has always had this pervasive goal of ruling the world and she did rule the world. Everything she wants will there at her feet, even the world.

She started her career as a solo performer in 1982. This was the birth of the Material Girl and from then on there was no looking back for her. Madonna was lucky enough to one of the earliest stars to get exposure through the television.

She would star in her videos and create fashion trends which millions would follow. She was literally omnipresent, throughout the eighties. She created a craze for the messy girl look, a girl whose hair is not well combed and her make-up is not at all co-ordinated and even the clothes were not matched properly. Her accessories were bolder than her clothes. She wore multiple necklaces made of pearls or beads. Her accessories would have religious symbols in them. She would always make it point to show off her perfectly fit body.

In the early nineties, her videos started getting bolder and this was exactly what the American youth wanted. She came up with the vixen look. Her craze got dispersed with new artists coming. She graciously stepped aside and tried to create a genre for herself and that would suit her age. She teamed up with new pop stars and new design labels to continue to create waves as she always desired.