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Lady Di – the Ever Reigning Princess of People’s Hearts

Princess DianaA flamboyant princess with an even more flamboyant and extravagant life is Lady Di. Diana first caught the eye of the storm, when Prince Charles got engaged to her in 1981.

The same year she created a storm by proving to be the most beautiful bride ever. From that moment onwards, she was looked upon as a fashion icon. She did live up to that status till her death in 1997.

She was always very fashion conscious, which was evident from the designers she chose to wear. Her wedding was a historic moment and so was her wedding gown. She chose the Emanuels for designing that iconic gown which was going to find itself a place in history. It had a 25 ft train and was worth £9000. Her reign on everyone’s heart started just then when everyone saw a very young and chirpy girl in a magnificent wedding gown walking down the aisle. This was just the start of the fashion era to come.

She personified fashion. Every dress that she adorned at the formal parties or movie premieres she attended was worth a headline in the fashion industry. Even while visiting countries, she would make it a point to choose an affluent designer form that country. Even during her visits to Middle Eastern or Asian countries, she always ensemble dresses which in no way would hurt their culture. She managed to look gorgeous and chic even for polo matches and vacations. She knew that she was someone who people look up to and admire and she tried every bit to not to disappoint them.

Diana was famous as a philanthropist. Being a public figure all her humanitarian work was largely publicized mainly with motive of gaining public awareness for that cause. She was close to Mother Teresa and closely followed her work. In 1997 when she visited Angola to see the landmines and the affected people she had worn a blue sleeveless shirt with chinos. Even this was a fashion statement. Such was the persona of Lady Diana.

She was loved so much, mainly because she chose to be different. She did not follow the league of the other royal inmates. She attended many functions all across the globe grabbing in all the more publicity. She is still one of the most photographed women. She was just picture perfect. Her blue always said something more than what could be noticed. She was sensuous yet classy at the same time. The paparazzi were so crazy about her that even her divorce to Prince Charles did not hamper her public image. One more instance of the paparazzi being berserk for her, was her death. She died in a car crash while trying to escape the photographers. A single photo of Diana would earn them a fortune.

She lived and how. Just seventeen years of being in the public eye and she is still an icon, in terms of fashion, in terms of individualism, in terms of charity and just in terms of life she lived.