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Jacqueline Kennedy – Where Fashion Met Politics for the First Time Ever

Jacqueline KennedyThree years of being in power and next twenty being in news and through both the phases prancing in style. This was Jacqueline Kennedy-Onassis. She epitomized style, elegance and grace. She created the dreams of fashion and style in every American woman’s minds. She can be claimed as the most criticized and yet the most loved woman of America.

After completing college she chose to marry John F. Kennedy, who was very famous for his wild ways. But he still was a Kennedy and had a very influential political life ahead of him. They got married in 1955. She then campaigned alongside her husband for the presidential elections. In 1961, when her husband became the president she became the first lady of the nation, not only in politics but also in fashion. She spent fortune on her attire. She knew that being the first lady she had to imbibe some positive thoughts among the American women. She chose fashion and modernism. During her reign as the first lady, she maintained a specific formal style which included knee length skirts and jackets. She was a trendsetter with things like the jackets, hats, brooches, boat necks and even the choice of color. The day when her husband was assassinated, she was wearing a Pink Chanel Suit that has a mention in every list of iconic dresses.

After the death of John F. Kennedy she moved out of the White House but not out of people’s mind. She was still their favorite first lady. She was all the more loved because of being a widow to an influential political leader. She had two kids who were disheartened due to the loss of their father. Her attire then included more of trousers and tops. She flaunted the really big sunglasses which are still in fashion. She had an exclusive collection of jewelry. She continued to visit public functions and maintained her panache.

She then led a simple life as a writer after marrying Aristotle Onassis. This did not go well with her followers, yet she chose to take the decision for the future of her kids. She maintained her dignity and self respect throughout her life.

She died at a mature age of 65, in 1994, after being diagnosed of cancer. Even in her twilight years, she managed to keep the status of being a fashion icon for the world. One can sum-up her life as being momentous and full of élan.


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