Fashion Icons Joomla! - the dynamic portal engine and content management system /fashion-icons/ Sat, 04 Jan 2014 00:23:45 +0000 Joomla! 1.5 - Open Source Content Management en-gb Madonna – The Music Icon with the Perfect Flair for Fashion and Style /fashion-icons/madonna-the-music-icon-with-the-perfect-flair-for-fashion-and-style.html /fashion-icons/madonna-the-music-icon-with-the-perfect-flair-for-fashion-and-style.html MadonnaMadonna is a woman who has seen more than fifty summers and a musical career of nearly thirty years. Believe it or not, she can give pretty girl from any corner of the world, the run for money and sex appeal. Madonna has always been the person who would speak her heart. She has always maintained that she doesn’t care if people call her a bitch, but she will never fake it. She will say what she feels is right.

This same attitude can also be seen in her music and fashion sense. In spite of being more than fifty she never dresses like one. She has always been the one who has created newer trends and she still continues to do so. She had once said that she has always had this pervasive goal of ruling the world and she did rule the world. Everything she wants will there at her feet, even the world.

She started her career as a solo performer in 1982. This was the birth of the Material Girl and from then on there was no looking back for her. Madonna was lucky enough to one of the earliest stars to get exposure through the television.

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Elvis Presley – The Unprecedented King of Rock N Roll /fashion-icons/elvis-presley-the-unprecedented-king-of-rock-n-roll.html /fashion-icons/elvis-presley-the-unprecedented-king-of-rock-n-roll.html Elvis PresleyElvis Presley was the man who gave a volte-face to male fashion, actually he was the one who brought sense into mail fashion and brought it on the roads, in hotels, in lavish parties and even while walking down to a store. Even now, when you walk the streets of Memphis, you will notice hundreds of Elvis lookalikes. He still is the most impersonated celebrity in the world. No theme party or costume party can be complete without an Elvis.

There were many influential music legends prior to Elvis, but what was special about him was that he was different, stylish and extremely good looking. He still is considered amongst the most handsome men. Prior to him, the only trendy thing that ever happened in male fashion was the jeans. He added color and glitter and glitz in to the male fashion. His music shows wardrobe can be considered a museum or even a university for fashion amateurs.

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Jacqueline Kennedy – Where Fashion Met Politics for the First Time Ever /fashion-icons/jacqueline-kennedy-where-fashion-met-politics-for-the-first-time-ever.html /fashion-icons/jacqueline-kennedy-where-fashion-met-politics-for-the-first-time-ever.html Jacqueline KennedyThree years of being in power and next twenty being in news and through both the phases prancing in style. This was Jacqueline Kennedy-Onassis. She epitomized style, elegance and grace. She created the dreams of fashion and style in every American woman’s minds. She can be claimed as the most criticized and yet the most loved woman of America.

After completing college she chose to marry John F. Kennedy, who was very famous for his wild ways. But he still was a Kennedy and had a very influential political life ahead of him. They got married in 1955. She then campaigned alongside her husband for the presidential elections. In 1961, when her husband became the president she became the first lady of the nation, not only in politics but also in fashion. She spent fortune on her attire. She knew that being the first lady she had to imbibe some positive thoughts among the American women. She chose fashion and modernism. During her reign as the first lady, she maintained a specific formal style which included knee length skirts and jackets. She was a trendsetter with things like the jackets, hats, brooches, boat necks and even the choice of color. The day when her husband was assassinated, she was wearing a Pink Chanel Suit that has a mention in every list of iconic dresses.

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Lady Di – the Ever Reigning Princess of People’s Hearts /fashion-icons/lady-di-the-ever-reigning-princess-of-peoples-hearts.html /fashion-icons/lady-di-the-ever-reigning-princess-of-peoples-hearts.html Princess DianaA flamboyant princess with an even more flamboyant and extravagant life is Lady Di. Diana first caught the eye of the storm, when Prince Charles got engaged to her in 1981.

The same year she created a storm by proving to be the most beautiful bride ever. From that moment onwards, she was looked upon as a fashion icon. She did live up to that status till her death in 1997.

She was always very fashion conscious, which was evident from the designers she chose to wear. Her wedding was a historic moment and so was her wedding gown. She chose the Emanuels for designing that iconic gown which was going to find itself a place in history. It had a 25 ft train and was worth £9000. Her reign on everyone’s heart started just then when everyone saw a very young and chirpy girl in a magnificent wedding gown walking down the aisle. This was just the start of the fashion era to come.

She personified fashion. Every dress that she adorned at the formal parties or movie premieres she attended was worth a headline in the fashion industry. Even while visiting countries, she would make it a point to choose an affluent designer form that country. Even during her visits to Middle Eastern or Asian countries, she always ensemble dresses which in no way would hurt their culture. She managed to look gorgeous and chic even for polo matches and vacations. She knew that she was someone who people look up to and admire and she tried every bit to not to disappoint them.

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