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Elvis Presley – The Unprecedented King of Rock N Roll

Elvis PresleyElvis Presley was the man who gave a volte-face to male fashion, actually he was the one who brought sense into mail fashion and brought it on the roads, in hotels, in lavish parties and even while walking down to a store. Even now, when you walk the streets of Memphis, you will notice hundreds of Elvis lookalikes. He still is the most impersonated celebrity in the world. No theme party or costume party can be complete without an Elvis.

There were many influential music legends prior to Elvis, but what was special about him was that he was different, stylish and extremely good looking. He still is considered amongst the most handsome men. Prior to him, the only trendy thing that ever happened in male fashion was the jeans. He added color and glitter and glitz in to the male fashion. His music shows wardrobe can be considered a museum or even a university for fashion amateurs.

Before becoming a music star he was a trucker and the trucker style was not that eye pleasing for many people. When Elvis came on the stage with that Pompadour, with sideburns and ducktail he made the world gaga over him. He brought the color pink into men’s wardrobe. It was no more a girly color. He also flaunted bright colors like yellow, golden, green and red.

One more taboo that he thrashed was jewelry. He always wore necklaces and chokers. Anything he would adorn would become a fad during those times. He inspired the leather look for generations to come. He used to wear leather outfits for his stage shows and then do his signature butt shaking move and girls would lose all their senses, boys alike. He was very specific about his boots. One can still find his boots in many museums across the globe. He had a fetish for Harley Davidson bikes as well.

This was the man who created tremors in music industry and flutters in the fashion industry, both making him The King.