Fashion Designers Joomla! - the dynamic portal engine and content management system /fashion-designers/ Sat, 04 Jan 2014 00:41:42 +0000 Joomla! 1.5 - Open Source Content Management en-gb Marc Jacobs – An American Fashion Designer /fashion-designers/marc-jacobs-an-american-fashion-designer.html /fashion-designers/marc-jacobs-an-american-fashion-designer.html Marc JacobsMarc Jacobs is a well-known American fashion designer who has an inborn ability to design clothes that people wish to wear. Whether he designs a shoe or satchel, it’s always something that everyone likes. From jet to nightclub, from grunge to prom, he has a dress that suits every occasion. Marc Jacobs is the creative director of Louis Vuitton and also maintains his company.

Marc Jacobs was born on 9th April 1963 in New York to a non-observant Jewish family. Jacobs’ father died and all his home life was turned upside-down when he was seven years old. According to Jacobs, his mother was “mentally ill” and didn’t take care of her child. After graduating from the High School of Art and Design, he studied in the New York at the Parsons School of Design. While studying at Parsons, he received some of the highest honors of his school which includes Design Student of the Year as well as The Chester Weinberg Gold. He used to work as a stock boy at the age of fifteen in the clothing boutique called as Charivari in New York City. ]]> (Administrator) Fashion Designers Wed, 01 Feb 2012 10:45:48 +0000 Vivienne Westwood – An inspiring fashion designer /fashion-designers/vivienne-westwood-an-inspiring-fashion-designer.html /fashion-designers/vivienne-westwood-an-inspiring-fashion-designer.html Vivienne WestwoodVivienne Westwood is a British fashion designer who deserves to be called as a legend whose popularity constantly gains momentum. This British fashion designer is awe inspiring, provocative, rebellious, unique and a true original. She became renowned in the 1970s, when she opened a shop which became the center of the punk rock movement in London with the rock music entrepreneur Malcolm McLaren.

Vivienne Westwood, born on 8th April 1941 to Dora Swire and Gordon Swire, is mainly responsible for bringing new wave and modern punk fashions into the mainstream. Her father was working as a storekeeper in an aircraft company at the time of her birth. When Vivienne was 17 years old, her family moved to London where she studied at the Harrow School of Art, taking silversmithing and fashion. But she left the school saying that she doesn’t know how a working class girl can live in the art world. She took up a job in a factory and also studied at a teacher-training college and later on started teaching primary children. In addition, during this period Vivienne produced her own jewellery. In 1961, Vivienne met Derek Westwood who was a trainee in a Hoover factory, Harrow. Vivienne married Derek on 21st July 1962 and created her own wedding dress for the marriage. She gave birth to a son in 1963 and named him as Benjamin Westwood.]]> (Administrator) Fashion Designers Wed, 01 Feb 2012 10:35:25 +0000 Alexander McQueen – A Talented Fashion Designer /fashion-designers/alexander-mcqueen-a-talented-fashion-designer.html /fashion-designers/alexander-mcqueen-a-talented-fashion-designer.html Alexander McQueenAlexander McQueen was a talented British designer, best known for his knowledge of British tailoring. This smart boy destined for a future in fashion belonged to a very modest background. McQueen was appointed as a head designer at the Louis Vuitton-owned Givenchy fashion line and launched his own menswear line in 2004.

Born on 17th March 1969 in London to Ronald and Joyce, Alexander McQueen was the youngest of six children. He started designing dresses for his sisters at a young age and showed his interest in the fashion world. McQueen left the school and went for an apprenticeship at the Anderson and Shepherd on the Savile Row. This opportunity helped him to sharpen his tailoring and technical skills, for which he became famous. While on Savile Row, his clients included Prince Charles and Mikhail Gorbachev. Before travelling to Milan and working for Romeo Gigli, he spent his time working for Koji Tatsuno.

McQueen’s early collections developed his reputation for controversy with trousers named “bumsters” and a collection named as “Highland Rape”. His “bumsters” evolved a trend in low rise jeans which attracted many debate and comments on their debut.

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Carolina Herrera – Sophisticated and Glamorous /fashion-designers/carolina-herrera-sophisticated-and-glamorous.html /fashion-designers/carolina-herrera-sophisticated-and-glamorous.html Carolina HerreraCarolina Herrera is a Venezuelan fashion designer. She ran a blooming fashion empire based on her clothing line that won praise for elegant and feminine lines. She was regularly held in the media as one of the most elegant women and well-respected in the fashion industry.

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